Our Mission

At Henderson Lawyers, we’re specialists in claims management. It’s our mission to help those who have been scammed and cheated out of their money. We use our knowledge and experience to get back what our clients deserve, not just what they’re owed.

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what our clients deserve, not just what they’re owed.

Step One

Get in touch with us using the contact form, or call us on 0161 359 7140 for a free no obligation discussion with one of our advisors.

Step Two

Sign and return all of the documents we need to get started with your claim.

Step Three

Sit back and relax, Henderson Lawyers will now handle your claim to get back not just what your owed, but what you deserve.

Why Henderson Lawyers?

Industry Knowledge

We know the process of our claims inside and out resulting in our flawless 100% success rate for the claims we take on.

Professional Connections

We work closely with the banks to get the best offer for our clients, we don’t just win claims, we get back what your deserved.

Customer Service

Our excellent customer service team is always on hand to guide you through the process as well as answer any questions.


What is the fee for your services?

We charge a fee of 25% + VAT on the total amount we have won.

What if I don’t win my claim?

All of our claims are accepted on a strict No Win No Fee basis. If we don’t win your claim, you don’t pay a penny.

What if I have claimed before and lost?

If you have already presented a claim yourself and lost, we unfortunately cannot present the claim again.

How do I start a claim?

To start a claim get in touch with us using the contact form here or call us on 0161 359 7140.


“Henderson Lawyers helped get me get the fund to get a new roof after cowboy builders destroyed the tiles on my house.”

– Mr H Burnley

Refunded £10,738.80

“I was running out options after my roof started leaking, but thankfully I was able to make a claim, and Henderson Lawyers helped me get a great offer!”

– Mrs A Cheshire

Refunded £7,160.00

“I was in dispare after I lost my pension investment, but thankfuly Henderson Lawyers got me back my savings!”

– Mr A Warrington

Refunded £50,000