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Welcome to Henderson Lawyers.

Welcome to Henderson Lawyers Ltd

Henderson Lawyers Ltd are dedicated to helping you win back money lost when investing in SIPP Pension Schemes, we also assist clients with presenting PPI claims.

We could also help you win back money invested in Roof Coating, Wall Coating & Cavity Wall Insulation, we have also assisted clients with Solar Panel claims.

Mis-sold investments

If your energy saving investment was mis-sold to you, then we could help you win your money back if you were mis-represented to by the Sales Company.

We are experts in cavity wall claims, solar panel claims and roof coating claims. If you have invested in any of these products and have found that they are not performing as they should, Henderson Lawyers Ltd could help you present a claim. The roof coating scam, in particular, has proved a menace to many across the nation.

We are happy to talk through your options, free of charge, our friendly and experienced team will aim to put you at ease and reassure you that your case is in good hands. Get in touch today to see how we could help you.

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