The Aquashield Scam

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Aquashield Roof Coatings were a former franchise business, found across the UK, with headquarters in Glasgow. The company was founded by the same person responsible for Home Energy Lifestyle Management Ltd, a solar panel company fined £200,000 for harassing people. 

The director of Aquashield Roof CoatingsRobert Skillen, worked for the company from 2006 to 2010 until it went into compulsory liquidation over unpaid debts. 

The reason why the Aquashield Roof Coatings has gone out of business is that they were happy to let homeowners pay thousands of pounds for a service which was completely unnecessary and provided no benefit for homeowners and in fact caused more problems. 

The majority of our clients paid £4,000 to £5,000 for a roof coating conducted by these rogue traders.

How Aquashield scammed customers

Aquashield Roof Coatings‘ sales teams cold-called homeowners and informed them their roof coating product would extend the life of their roof and add value to their home. They explained that an anti-fungal spray would be applied to their roofs before the coating was put on; this would get rid of moss, lichen, and algae and prevent it from growing back. They also claimed that it would increase energy efficiency, meaning homeowners energy bills would reduce in price. 

The cost that the company offered for the roof coating product was between £2,000 to £5,000 and Aquashield Roof Coatings assured homeowners that this price was the lowest it could go as it had already been reduced numerous times. This would often be a ‘one day’ only discount, making homeowners think they were getting a great deal. However, Aquashield Roof Coatings were only looking to persuade people to hand over as much money as they could.

The company didn’t conduct their service to a high quality, former customers have reported that Aquashield Roofing Coatings simply ran a tape measure along one side of their homes to establish the size of their roof. Although many roofs are indeed similar sizes, this is not always guaranteed. In many cases, the company’s employees didn’t venture into the back of the property and instead used their own estimations in order to work out how big the roofs were. 

Other problems that occurred were that Aquashield Roof Coatings ended up spraying the coating onto more than just the homeowner’s roofs. Our clients have reported that the coating was sprayed onto their windows, walls and even their cars and neighbours’ properties.

A lot of customers were never given their full 14-day cooling off period, which is required by law. The company would often take the deposit on the day of purchase and return within the 14 days to complete the work, meaning that the customers were never given a chance to decide if it was something they really wanted.

When customers phoned up to complain about the poor workmanship and quality of the service, the company never answered the phone or if they did, passed the blame to other people or franchises. It appeared that Aquashield Roof Coatings would do what they could to avoid any responsibility for their services. 

If it was difficult to make a complaint when the company was in business, it is now impossible to contact them, due to Aquashield Roof Coatings going into liquidation. This also means that the 10-year guarantee given to customers will now be invalid and any sort of repair work or refunds cannot be honoured. 

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