The Tileshield Roof Coating Scam

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Nottingham-based roof coating company Tileshield Coatings’ ringleaders have been sentenced to time in prison after preying on elderly and vulnerable people. The company operated under other names which include Weatherproof and Nationwide Roof Coatings Yorkshire Ltd and targeted victims in the East Midlands, Yorkshire, and Cambridgeshire. 

The investigation conducted by National Trading Standards East Midlands Scambusters Team found that 97 people were scammed out of around £228,000 and the work that had been carried out was “shoddy and unnecessary”.

How did Tileshield scam customers?

The company targeted residents by cold-calling them at their homes, pressuring them to go ahead with work which did not need to be done, which included roof coatings as well as driveway ‘improvements’. Tileshield Coatings assured customers that they would clean their roofs and prevent any moss growth. Payment was obtained in full from residents and in return, Tileshield Coatings didn’t inform residents on their rights to cancel the contract and didn’t carry out the work to the required standard. 

They showed customers videos which implied that plastic would be used to protect their gardens when pressure washing was taking place. However, this in itself is a bad sign as high-pressure washers shouldn’t be used on roof tiles and when the company came to conduct the work, no plastic was used, which meant people’s gardens were ruined, as were their neighbours’. 

One customer actually suffered damage to their roof tiles, felt and rafters, with the rear elevation needing to be replaced. Another customer had to pay £4,250 plus VAT to have their roof repaired by a reputable roofer.

Chair of Nottingham County Council’s Community Safety Committee, Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle said: “The scale of the fraud, in this case, is unprecedented and sickening, especially as the victims were all vulnerable people who handed over considerable sums of money from their hard-earned savings for at best shoddy and at worst non-existent work.”

Sentencing took place at Nottingham Crown Court and the gang was made up of Tyrone St John Beard who was imprisoned for 6.5 years, Marcus Reading, who was imprisoned for 4.5 years and Mohammed Zulbair Ditta, who was imprisoned for 3 years. Simon DaviesMichael Sean Sumner, and Christopher Russell, were all imprisoned for 18 months. 

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