Are Roof Coatings Worth It?

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Roof coatings do not provide many benefits for the average UK home. They are frequently applied incorrectly by untrained and unqualified workers. There are very specific guidelines to follow when applying a roof coating, they must be adhered to, to ensure the roof coating is effective.

Here at Henderson Lawyers, we recognise that not every roof-coating firm is a scam. There are many out there who do believe they are offering a quality product which could help people.

What is the roof coating being advertised as?

An important fact to note is that the manufacturer of the product advertises it for ‘decorative’ purposes only. It hasn’t been tested for any other benefits. Unfortunately, roof coating scam sales representatives, for example Top Roof, get their hands on this and cold-call home owners, selling the product promising them it will improve efficiency, lower heating bills, prevent leaks and even increase value to their property.

Ordinarily, home owners would refuse the product on offer. However, when these rogue traders start telling people that their roofs are on the verge of collapse and can only be saved by having this product applied, it is understandable that so many people have gone ahead with having it done.

A vast majority of our clients who have been targeted are elderly. This is because they are more vulnerable and a large number of them are too afraid to reject an aggressive sales rep’s offer, especially when they are on their own. They have told us that instead of seeing improvement to their roofs, like they were promised, they have ended up with broken roof tiles, leaking roofs, moss regrowth and flaking coatings. Ultimately, ending up with more damage to their roofs than they began with. 

Although there are legitimate firms out there who would inform you of a roof coatings decorative properties, the majority are targeted by a roof coating scam company, who sell based on lies and aggressive tactics. 

Roof coating claim specialists

So, if you, or someone you know has been scammed by a roof coating company, Henderson Lawyers wants to help you put things right and get what youdeserve. 

Our ultimate end goal is to get you a full refund for the work carried out and your roof fully re-tiled; restoring it back to its former glory. This is because roof coatings can’t be removed from the tiles, you will be stuck with the unattractive flaking and patchy moss regrowth.

Roof coating has been portrayed by sales representatives as a fix for your roof’s problems. However, it typically gives you more problems than you had originally.

If you have not yet had your roof coated, we would advise you to be very wary on who is trying to sell you the product. If you have had it done and regret it, then we are the people you need to contact. 

All of our claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis so you will have absolutely nothing to lose in proceeding. Here at Henderson Lawyers, we offer a free no obligation chat to establish whether we think you could have a valid claim. 

Call us on 0161 359 7140 or visit our website to find out more.                    

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