Render Exterior Wall Coatings Director Imprisoned

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Render Exterior Wall Coatings Director, Harvil Shaw has been given a 2 year prison sentence, being imposed for the Fraud Act and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations offences.

The investigation took place by Worcestershire Regulatory Services after they received numerous complaints from consumers about the quality of work provided by the company, who were also known as Wall Rendering Solutions. 

They cold-called home-owners in the Midlands and Yorkshire to purchase their wall coating product. They used high-pressure sales tactics to make the sale and took deposits off of homeowners without informing them about their rights to cancel during the 14 day cooling off period.

Wall coating scam

The customers who paid Render Exterior Wall Coatings to apply their product were initially pleased with the work carried out, however, within weeks, cracks were appearing and there were lumps falling off the walls. Bubbling was also seen in the coating, as were grey patches which seemed to form under the paint.

When these customers attempted to contact Harvil Shaw, he blamed the problems on a defect in theAndura paint used, as well as the employee who applied it. He told the customers he would send someone to correct the work undertaken but no one ever showed up to complete the repairs. This was only when the customers could actually get through to Harvil Shaw, most of the time the calls were diverted to his office, where employees informed callers that he was unavailable, leaving some never speaking to him again.

The price for this wall coating product applied by Render Exterior Wall Coatings came to a total of over £5,000 each, with no way of getting the work repaired even though customers were provided with a 15-year guarantee. This guarantee would immediately be voided when the company went out of business.

Harvil Shaw was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court and was ordered to pay a sum of £13,824, as well as being disqualified from being the director for a period of 10 years. The Judge when summing up, referred to Harvil Shaw as a “common criminal”, “a conman who had caused loss to decent trusting people. The loss was not only financial but the anxiety and stress caused to actual victims.”

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