Ruthless Roofing Company Representatives Fined

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Roofguard Protection Coatings Ltd and its representatives is just one example of the many fraudsters who have conned people into paying for a roof coating on the back of sales promised made to homeowners. The good news is that some of these fraudsters have now been imprisoned – for unlawful trade practices.

The company boss of Roofguard – Edward Hogan and salesman Stewart Fawke were accused of duping their victims by using aggressive sales techniques. 

Aggressive sales tactics to vulnerable people

These men regularly cold-called elderly vulnerable homeowners offering free roof inspections as they were in the area – in one particular high profile case, after surveying an elderly couples roof, they then proceeded to inform them that they needed to replace the roof tiles! They pressured the couple by saying that a new roof would cost over £12,000!!

However, if they invested in their Roofguard Protection Coating it would be much cheaper than replacing the roof tiles. They also advised the elderly couple that their product, once installed, would reduce heat loss in the couple’s home by 40% per year. They were originally offered an exceptionally high quote of £5,115 for their roof to be sprayed which was then reduced to under £3,000. The elderly couple was told that this discount was only for today so they need to accept that and sign up.

Roof coating scam

There was never any proof that the Roofguard spray they were offering had any of the benefits the salesmen had stated, as well as scamming elderly people into purchasing a roof coating, Roofguard Protection also cleaned homeowners’ roofs before applying their spray, claiming it was to remove moss. However, high-pressure washing just causes more damage, including cracked and broken tiles. 

During the 3 day trial at Wolverhampton Crown court, Roofguard Protective Coatings Ltd denied 8 charges of misleading or aggressive commercial practices and admitted to 1 charge relating to misleading information. They were found guilty and fined a total of £8,000 and ordered to pay £15,000 costs. 

Hogan admitted that cancellation rights were never provided to homeowners and he was convicted of 6 charges of engaging in misleading commercial practice as well as 1 charge of engaging in a commercial practice which was aggressive. He was ordered to pay £6,000 in fines as well as £2,500 in costs. 

Fawkes was convicted of 5 misleading sales practice charges and ordered to pay £2,500 in fines and £2,500 in costs. 

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