Thermal Seal UK Ltd Directors Jailed for 5 Years

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Therma Seal UK Ltd, also known as Therma Seal (Therma Coatings) and its directors have been found guilty of fraud and have each been sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

Aggressive sale techniques

Directors, Alan Wilson and Christopher Wilkes, conducted aggressive sales techniques to persuade potential customers, many who were elderly, to part with thousands of pounds for a roof coating product. 

An investigation was conducted by Dudley Council, who found that there were more than 2,700 victims nationwide between 2010–2012. One complaint that was received was by a 91 year old woman, who was told by Therma Seal she would have to pay £30,000 to re-roof her home, then quoted her over £17,000 for the roof coating product and then lowered it to £13,000 to make it look like she was getting a good deal. In reality, the actual cost of the work needed to the woman’s roof should have been no more than £1050. 

Therma Seal cold-called elderly people and produced them with glossy brochures and leaflets containing false promises about the roof coating product. They stated that the product would reduce heat loss by 25% and make an energy saving of between 15%- 40%. However, the University of Salford conducted a study which showed the coating would only increase thermal resistance by 5.3% and would do very little to protect people’s roofs. 

Therma Seal directors, Alan Wilson and Christopher Wilkes were sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court. Judge Martin Walsh, sentenced the men to 5 years each in prison and disqualified them from being company directors for 8 years. He stated that the paid duped their retired customers into a “frenzy of commission lead fraud” and it was revealed that Thermal Seal UK Ltd and Therma Seal (Therma Coatings) had a turnover of £8.5million. 

As well as the directors, saleswoman, Julie Barrett, was found guilty of fraud. The trio were charged with 15 offences in relation to their activities with Therma Seal UK Ltd and Therma Seal (Therma Coatings).

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