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Have you been mis-sold solar panel systems?

Henderson Lawyers may be able to pursue a no win no fee claim on your behalf for mis-sold solar panel systems, where the system was full or part purchased using some form of credit, whether it be a credit card or a finance agreement through the selling company.

The reason for this is whilst you have a valid and solid claim against the rogue traders, we have seen an ever-increasing case where the traders have simply ceased to trade before a redress payment is required and therefore leaving you without the compensation you deserve.

Henderson Lawyers are able to overcome this issue in most cases because if credit was used to purchase the solar panels system or paid for the installation service, we will be able to claim through the credit card provider or through the finance provider.

This is because the Consumer Credit Act makes the lender jointly and severally liable and responsible and as such if the trader is no longer trading we are able to make a claim through the lender.

Many of our claims for mis-sold solar panel systems involve direct sales companies selling products that end up being far from what was promised. Our dedicated team of professionals will challenge both verbal and contractual misrepresentations. If required we can also bring in expert witnesses to validate our client’s claim.

We have received hundreds of claims from home owners across the UK who have suffered due to the actions of these companies. We are able to claim compensation for all damages and losses that you have suffered due to the actions, broken promises and misrepresentation by the salesman.

Solar panel claims

We are also able to claim for the damages caused by the installation of the solar panel system.

There is a certain degree of damage which is going to be caused as the installer must reveal the supporting structure of your roof in order to correctly secure the solar panels, but any legitimate firm or installer will try to repair as much of this damage as physically possible after they have finished installing the solar panel system. However, many installers and rogue traders don’t do this and therefore entitle you to make a solar panel claim. So, contact Henderson Lawyers today to begin the solar panel claim process.

If you believe that you have been mis-sold a solar panel system and you would like to confirm if we can help you make a claim for compensation against the company or the credit lender, then contact Henderson Lawyers today and speak to our professional, friendly experts who will be able to assist.

We know that these claims can be difficult and in most cases the companies or lenders sent out letters which have so much industry and financial jargon that many don’t understand what they mean. But here at Henderson Lawyers, we will ensure that you completely understand what the company or lender is saying and what we will do to overcome/object to these points.

Have you been mis-sold solar panel systems? Have you been mis-sold solar panel systems?


Posted on July 11th, 2016