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Is roof coating a fix?

If you are hoping that your roof coating will fix any issues with your roof and increase the value of your home, you may well be very disappointed.

Although these things will likely be promised to you by the sales rep who knocks on your door, they are unlikely to actually happen for you.

We have based this on what the vast majority of our roof coating claim clients have told us – they have shared stories of broken roof tiles and leaking roofs, amongst other tales of moss regrowth and flaking coatings.

Roof coating cowboys

A huge amount of people have taken on the services of roof coating cowboys and are now suffering as a result. And this is why we have taken it upon ourselves to do what we can to help as many people as possible.

Roof coating rogue traders have been applying their products across the country, which means that a countless number of people have been affected. And – as is always the case with cowboys – it has largely been elderly and vulnerable people who have been targeted.

We actually have clients who are going through major illnesses and were told that having their roofs coated would be a great help to them.

But the opposite has proved to be true.

Roof coatings have often presented home owners with a great deal of problems. And when this happens, who are the victims supposed to contact for help?

Roof coating claims

Roof coating claims can be a simple process when Henderson Lawyers are doing the work for you. We will ensure that you are kept updated and that you know what is happening from the beginning of the process right up until the end.

And our ultimate end goal is to get you a new roof. Because roof coatings cannot be removed from the tiles, you will be stuck with the unattractive flaking and patchy moss regrowth. Unless, that is, you do something about the problem.

Roof coating has been portrayed by sales representatives as a fix for your roof’s problems. But it typically gives you more problems than you had originally.

So if you have not yet had your roof coated, we would advise you to think very carefully about having it done.

And if you have had it done and you regret it, then we are the people you need to contact.

We can offer you a free discussion to go through your options with no obligation to go any further. Every roof coating claim is made on a no win no fee basis for your protection so there is nothing to pay unless you win a refund or a new roof.

Roof coating claim A client’s roof before Henderson Lawyers helped

Posted on July 21st, 2016