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The Wall Coating Scam

The Wall Coating Scam

Wall coating scam companies such as Andura Guard and Rockex (an incarnation of Andura Guard) have mis-sold customers wall coatings on the basis they were anti-fade, anti-crack, will prevent damp and have a guaranteed life of 25 years or more.


Across the country, these companies cold-call homeowners and use high-pressure sales tactics to convince homeowners to buy their wall coating product. They often make false promises that the wall coating will insulate the home, lead to lower energy bills and add value to the homeowner’s property. People living in areas subjected to a high exposure zone will be told by Andura Guard and Rockex that the wall coatings can seal the walls preventing the rain from penetrating the exterior and inner walls. Whereas, people living in parts of the country subjected to more sun will be told the coating can reflect the sunlight’s UV rays, keeping their home cooler in summer.


These scam companies are only interested in making a sale so they typically don’t use the official approved wall coating products and often don’t apply it correctly to the property. Due to this, wall coatings can often cause more damage than good. We have had numerous clients say it was a big mistake as their wall coatings were peeling off their walls, making it look unsightly and essentially lowering the value of their homes.


The wall coating will peel off the walls because the product was the wrong choice for the property. It would have been described by the sales representative as ‘breathable’ and most likely, it wasn’t. This means the coating can trap moisture within the walls with nowhere to escape, resulting in penetrative damp. If this is left untreated, further problems are inevitable, such as mould, which can spread through the property and cause respiratory problems for those living there.



After conducting subsequent investigations we found that most of the coatings applied by Andura Guard, and Rockex were substandard and unapproved by official standards.


If you or anyone you know has had a wall coating by Andura Guard and Rockex we would urge you to get in touch with Henderson Lawyers for a free, no obligation discussion to see if you have a claim. We have a panel of expert witnesses, who will undertake a survey, free of charge, to assess your wall coating. If you paid via credit card or a finance agreement it is highly likely we will be able to help you retrieve your money from the lender, even if the wall coating company has folded.