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Cavity Wall Claims

Cavity Wall Claims

What is a Cavity Wall Insulation?

A cavity wall is made up of two walls with a gap in between, known as the cavity; the outer leaf is usually made of brick and the inner layer of brick or concrete block. These ‘cavities’ can be filled with various materials that add thermal insulation to your home. Problems occur when people incorrectly install the cavity wall insulation or use the incorrect material for the property type or location.

How Do I Know I Have Cavity Wall Insulation Claim?

There are a number of reasons that cavity wall insulation can cause problems. It can be the wrong type insulation for the properties location, for example when wool is in a high exposure zone, it will absorb moisture and sink to the bottom of the cavity, making the insulation ineffective. An example of a high exposure zone would be a property near a seafront. Other problems can occur if the cavity was not prepared correctly before the installation. If the cavity had any debris left from construction, moisture in the debris can get inside the insulation rendering it ineffective.

How Do I Make a Claim?

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