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Cavity Wall Insulation


The Cavity Wall Industry has stated that a number of people who have had cavity wall insulation have had it installed incorrectly. If you have paid out any money for Cavity Wall insulation which has not resulted in a more energy efficient home, Henderson Lawyers Ltd could help you make a cavity wall claim.

We have seen evidence that the insulation provided in many homes has not prevented heat loss.

Through our thermal imaging surveys, it has been revealed that many homes are leaking heat through the walls, exactly where they are supposed to be protected. This means that home owners are not saving energy or money.

In the worst of circumstances, incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation could actually have caused damage to your property. The most common kind of problem encountered is damp. If you have had cavity wall insulation installed in your home and then found you are suffering from damp a few months or years later, we could be able to help you make a cavity wall claim for the money you might need to repair the damage.

The costs of removing the damp and reinstalling the insulation correctly will be high since it is not an easy process. Henderson Lawyers may be able to make it a less painful process by winning you the funds you might require.


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