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Roof Coating Claims

Henderson Lawyers Ltd could help if you have been mis-sold an exterior roof coating on the promise that it would keep your energy bills down.

Roof coating scams are gaining in publicity and, unfortunately, in popularity. Roof coating scam artists have convinced people – particularly elderly and vulnerable people – that their products will result in lower energy costs and will protect their roofs.

Many of these coatings, however, are unapproved by official roof coating specialists. This results in them often peeling off the roof in just a few months. This is why we are currently processing a number of roof coating claims. We could be able to prove a case of misrepresentation if you were promised benefits which never materialised.

The UK government refuses to offer free grants for roof coating because it simply does not offer enough benefits to homes, according to experts. However, there have been companies which have told customers that the government is providing grants towards these coatings, which is why the cost of the installation is reduced. These roof coating scam artists must be stopped and Henderson Lawyers wants to help take them on.

The application process can also cause damage to your roof, with workers walking on your roof without the correct equipment possibly breaking roof tiles. If your roof has suffered damage following the application of a coating, Henderson Lawyers could help you present a roof coating claim.

The Sales Process most people tell us about is

Door Knocked

No appointments are very made in advance

Sales Pitch lasting hours in some cases

2 minute survey suggesting your roof is in poor condition

They offer to coat your roof with a amazing new product

Offering protection from the weather – moss – algae – saving on heating bills to name a few

They offer a high price then negotiate down – to get you to sign up on the day

They want a card deposit payment on day one

They want you to sign a loan agreement on day one

They compete the works in one day – not allowing the product to dry

They do not use any scaffolding or safety equipment

If any of this sounds familiar then we could help you claim your money back

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