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Solar Panel Claims

If you have been mis-sold solar panels, Henderson Lawyers Ltd could be able to help you. We could present a No Win No Fee* claim for the money you have paid to purchase the solar panels, we could also make a claim for any damages your roof sustained during the installation process.

A number of people have complained about damage to their roof, which has then caused leaking and other problems to their homes. Although a certain degree of damage is often inevitable, reputable solar panel installation firms will always make the necessary repairs. If your roof has been damaged and not repaired, we may be able to help you.

Solar panels may be a good investment in countries where the sun shines for most of the day. However, here in the UK we don’t receive enough sunshine for solar panels to make a big difference.

If a sales representative promised you cheaper energy bills or even that you would make a profit by selling the energy generated by your solar panels and neither have actually materialised, we could help you make a solar panel claim for the monies paid to purchase the panels.

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