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Wall Coating

Exterior wall coatings have also been gaining in popularity. Sales representatives for these coating companies are convincing home owners that they will save money on their energy bills by having a wall coating applied to their outside walls.

They promise that the coating will insulate the home by preventing warm air escaping through the walls. However, this can often result in problems for the home since warm air and condensation can build up inside, causing damp in the property.
These coatings can peel off the wall, leaving an unsightly home and inconsistent insulation. This inconsistency can again lead to damp because part of the wall is insulated while part is not. This difference in temperature can cause condensation, which then causes damp.

The wall coating firms often tell home owners that performing this service will extend the life of their home as well as add value to the property. However, these are baseless claims since estate agents will very rarely value the house any higher after having wall coating applied.

If you have been approached by a trader offering this product and felt pressured into agreeing, Henderson Lawyers Ltd could help you get back the money you spent as well as compensation for any damage caused to your property.

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