Wall Coating Claims

Wall Coating Claims

What is a Wall Coating?

A wall coating is a render for the exterior walls of your home. There are two main types of wall coatings. Some are for decorative purposes only. Whereas, other wall coatings provide protection to the outside walls.

How Do I Know I Have a Wall Coating Claim?

Exterior wall coatings are often sold by representatives who cold-call homeowners promising them it will extend the life of their home and add value to it. The sales representatives claim the wall coating will provide insulation by preventing warm air escaping through the walls as well as UV protection, saving money on their energy bills. However, if they are applied incorrectly, wall coatings don’t offer any protection to a home.

They, in fact, cause more problems than before, as warm air and condensation can build up inside, causing damp in the property. This is because these coatings make the walls less breathable, resulting in moisture being unable to escape. The coatings can also peel off the wall, leading to an unsightly home and inconsistent insulation.

Wall Coating Claims

How do I make a Wall Coating Claim with Henderson Lawyers?

If you have had a wall coating, we would urge you to have it checked as some problems are not always immediately visible. Get in touch with us by using the enquiry form.